For Leaders to keep moving and stay in shape, because you know only with a healthy body and mind you can perform.

For Leaders to keep MOVING

So let’s face the obstacles and find a solutions to overcome them easily. So normaly we struggle with these 3 fears. And you agree with me it is not only about reaching your bodygoals, there are also the three most common struggling fears for leaders when it comes to success. And this is proven through divers studies. So lets show you these 3 most important basic fears you have to change for longlasting success and energy. 

Fear of failure

Fear of winning

Fear of moving now

Thoughts and Feelings like: 

  • Not beeing good enough
  • not having the confidence 
  • keeps me from begining 
  •  The others are doing better than me.
  • What is …. if…. ?
  • What happens when I do succeed?  
  • what when they find out, that I am not that good. 
  • What when I let them down. 
  • Can I perform at this high level all the time
  • what if I act like this arrogant rich people?
  • What happend when I am rich?
  • I don’t deserve it. 
  • What when, ….?
  • I gona do it after … 
  • holding back from moving now 
  • I don’t start 
  • find some reasons not do act
  • feeling restless, unsteady
  • always starting new things
  • not finishing anything
  • I have first to learn
  • I don’t know enough
  • First I have to do…..

This can manifest itself like this: 

  1. Something is holding you back. 
  2. Decision fatigue
  3. Comparison trap
  4. Looking at other people
  5. See what others could do better
  6. Always knowing what’s the best solutions for others. 
  7. envy
  1. Fear of Significance
  2. Fear of Responsibility
  3. Imposter Syndrom
  4. Attention keep you from shining
  5. Anxiety of success
  6. Doubts
  7. jealousy
  1. Procastinating
  2. Find reasons why not to do. 
  3. Put it to the next month
  4. Keep you from doing it now. 
  5. To be shy
  6. Overthinking and overthinking
  7. Not taking support
  8. resentment

The fear of Failure creates even more failure. 

So you manifest Failing. 

The fear of winning prevents you even more from succeeding.

So you manifest lack of success.

The fear of moving prevents you even more from acting. 

So you manifest the reluctance to step out of familiar situations.

And I can tell you 80% of this stuff is about mindset. 

The good thing about is – this we can change easily. 

The drawback is, it needs some training. 

Edison himself said: “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways not to make light bulbs.”

So what we do

  1. We  take of the fear of failure, because Edison did not have this fear. So he was able to go on  and create. 
  2. We change your mindset, what is 80% responsible of creating more failure. 
  3. We put away what is holding you back. 
  4. We install your individual ingredients of success. 
  1. We take of the fear of winning, because Leader got first and don’t mind what others thinks about them. 
  2. We change your significance. 
  3. We transform your doubts into strong believes. 
  4. We install the trust in your success.
  1. We take of the fear of moving, because Leaders don’t react, they act.
  2. We close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 
  3. We condition you to move now and not tomorrow. 
  4. We install the ability to act now. 
Because we know you have a lot of talent but even though it ist a fact, that the most talented people are not normaly the most successful.


You want to change this?  – We believe in you. Implementation, Speed up success?

3 Month - TrainingsCamp

6820 Euro

Essential Move

Start acting and overcoming your 3 main fears for an incredible speed up for your success and get the shape of your holistic life. 

We start with your body – Bodytraining. Because every healthy mind needs an healthy body to support your success. 

We balance this with your mind and train your perceptions and your presence so you truly can embody your essence and be the leader you are born to. 

How do we reach this .

Body-, Perception- and Presencetraining. 

Startweek in the mountains of Switzerland. To get the pulse and the pace. 

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